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Accredited Ear Candling Diploma Course
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Gain a recognised qualification with this accredited diploma

this diploma course is accredited by
Guild of Holistic TherapistsGuild of Beauty Therapists

Internation Healers Association

Hopi Ear Candle Course

Ear Candle Training

Hopi Ear Candle Course

Ear Candling Courses

Module 1
History of Ear Candling
Module 2
Ingredients of BIOSUN Hopi Ear Candles
Ingredients of Otosan Natural Ear Drops
How ear drops work
How ear candles work
Reasons for Ear Candle Therapy
When and how often to use ear candles and ear drops
Module 3
Contra-indications for ear candle therapy
Storage instructions for candles
Contra-indications for face massage
Safety instructions
Ear therapy facecloth
Module 4
The anatomy and physiology of the ear
Bones of the head and face
Muscles of the face, head and neck
Blood flow in the head and neck
The trigeminal nerve
The lymphatic system
Module 5
Preparations for treatment
Client preparation
Therapist preparation
Using the otoscope
Module 6
Conducting an Ear Candle Therapy
Module 7
The head and face massage
Reactions to therapy
Interpreting contents of candles after treatment
Module 8
Ear candle therapy for children
Body mechanics checklist for the therapist
Module 9
Client consultation skills
Consultation environment
Client education
Client confidentiality
Consultation form
Information and aftercare advice
Module 10
Case study (optional)
Case study examples
Therapist supplies
Recommended reading

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